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Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is one of the best known tourist attractions of China. Located near Xi’an it is a great site to visit when combined with a trip to Beijing, Shanghai Lanzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing. A short trip to Xi’an to visit both the city and Terracotta Warriors is very doable by train or airplane; within two days […]

City Tour Xi’an

The main attraction of Xi’an is the world famous Terracotta Army which is about an hour drive from the city centre. Most tourists visiting Xi’an are on a short trip to see the army and have little time to explore the area. With this nice day tour you’re able to see some highlight of Xi’an and have […]

City Tour Shanghai

Shanghai is a city with definitely its own personality. The skyline at the Bund is one of the most famous spots in China and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the prides of Shanghai. The city is quite accessible and a short trip of two days is enough to a glimpse of Shanghai. Visit the […]

Great Wall

When visiting China a tour to the Great Wall is more or less a must. A day tour to the Great Wall is very doable from Beijing; within two hours by tour bus or public transport you can get to several passes to access the Great Wall. A very popular pass is Badaling which offers a great […]

City tour Beijing

Bike tour Beijing One of the best ways to travel in Beijing is with a rental bike. You can rent a bike at local shops for about 5 Yuan if you’re lucky, most hotels also rent bikes but usually are a lot more expensive. Please do keep in mind you will need to pay a […]